Thursday, February 12, 2015

Done with the D

The emotional roller coaster aka the Delta
One day later
I am done. Finished. Hasta la vista Delta. 
In this post I am going to tell you the stages or some of the stages every Delta trainee goes through after submitting/finishing the final module. Of course, not everyone is the same, and the intensity of emotions does differ, but their is a kind of aftershock that prompted this post. So, let's see the stages.
You have just submitted the final assignment or taken the exams, and you get up from your chair.
Denial: You think, "Huh? Is that it? Is it over?" You start wondering if you actually finished. You wonder if you wrote your name correctly on the papers or if you forgot to add something. You doubt yourself. You think that something else is waiting for you around the corner. This can't be the end. No way.
Emptiness: After you have handed in your final paper and you go through the stage of disbelief/denial you feel a bit empty. It is Saturday night and there is no Delta. You can actually go out. Huh? How on earth did this happen? You have free time and you really don't know what to do with it (yeah right, as if). There is a void that needs to be filled.
One month goes by, then the second, and then results are just around the corner. That's when uncertainty kicks in. You wonder, " Hmmm, what if... What if my paper is not good enough. What if I actually did forget to write my name... what if I fail?"
Uncertainty and anxiety walk hand in hand, so yeap, you get anxious. You want to get the results. You start checking your mail 24/7 waiting... and waiting....and waiting.
Elation. Results are in and you have passed. Yeap you are done. You are on an adrenaline high. 

Back to the day after
Now what? For me, teaching is about learning. I like to learn and study. I may not be the best teacher-studentin the world, but I defo like to learn stuff. Any stuff. Since I already have an MA and now the Delta, I feel numb. What can I commit myself to?  I will find something for sure : )

One final thought
Doing the Delta is a great idea cause you learn stuff, you improve,  but it is intense, especially if you are working full time. While I have exaggerated a bit in this post, there are a lot of emotions you go through as a delta trainee and a lot as a candidate waiting for results. 
If you want more rambles on the Delta press here and here

How do you feel? Feel free to write your comments in the comments section below. If I have forgotten any 'stages', please let me know.

 Oh yeah... now it's party time. 
                                                 Done with the D.

Till next time.....
As of tomorrow (27/2/2015) I will no longer be posting any blog posts on Blogger. I am only going to be publishing via wordpress. All my posts have been moved to the new website. Please follow me there : D

Thanks for all the support so far

See you soon.....

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