The 'girlie' side of ELT

#Girlie post number 2 

Presenting at a conference? 
                              The other side of the story

Hello lovely ladies, in this post I am going to talk about preparing for a conference talk but I am going to talk about the fun side of presenting at a conference. The girlie side. What do I wear? Hair? Makeup? Yay, let's talk about style and conferences.

Feel comfy but not too comfy
I mean you can't wear your runners and your tracksuit when you are presenting at a conference or well, you could, but I wouldn't (no fashion police at ELT conferences). I usually go for pants, a top and just a bit of jewelry. Jewelry, now that is something you need to think through. Nothing too glamorous or... noisy. When you present, you do tend to be a bit stressed, so you may fidget a bit or move around and, bangles for example, can be quite noisy, so that (the bangle) would be a no, no for me. Earrings are fine, necklaces are fine but that's about it. Oh, yeah! I would avoid beads as well. Wouldn't want them falling on the floor if you accidentally break your necklace/bracelet.
Well, that's easy. Wear whatever colours you like. You can wear prints if you like them. I would suggest staying away from animal print though and maybe glitter! You will shine and dazzle your audience with your dynamic presentation skills, no need to add more sparkle. I like wearing black with a pop of color. Simple but classic or fun (but not too fun)

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You will be standing during your talk and you will probably be running around attending other people's talks as well so maybe you can leave the stilettos for another occasion. You wanna give a killer presentation, not kill your feet in the process. Bottom line here, be comfy and chic.
Keep it simple and wear powder. When you wear powder, you do not sweat, so your makeup will last longer and your 'face' won't fall off during the presentation.
This one is tricky. Of course, pulling it back so it won't go into your eyes is a great idea, but pony tails, for example, tend to hurt after a while so maybe that is not the best way to go. I would suggest either having your hair straight or wavy/curly. I prefer it when my hair is a bit wavy. I tend to sweat when I am presenting. Wavy hair rarely goes fuzzy wuzzy.
Go for something that smells like a nice clean powder. If you want a long lasting effect, add some body lotion (the same scent of course). Remember to take some perfume with you!!!
Hands and nails
I firmly believe that as teachers we gotta have 'groomed' hands. What do I mean by this? Well, moisturise your hands on a regular basis and do your nails or at least nice and clean. I go for French manicures or subtle colors when I am presenting. Keep in mind that when you present, you move your hands so, your nails may draw attention.
Big bag vs small bag
Hmmm now this one for me is a no brainer. Small bag that has a long shoulder band. Why? Cause when you present you very often have to bring a long a lap top. Mine is quite heavy so I do not want to be carrying around a heavy 'lady' bag as well (I am literally smirking here). Make sure you chuck in your shoulder bag:
  • tissue paper/handkerchiefs
  • perfume/deodorant
  • breath mints (trust me, you will need them after a while)
  • lipstick and powder (or any of your other makeup essentials)
  • and whatever else you chuck in your bag!

So, ladies, you are good to go. If you are interested in more 'serious' presentation posts (yeap, I have some of those too), have a look at the newbie online presenter and preparing for a conference.

So, that's all folks. If you think I have forgotten something, please do share in the comments section below : D

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Till next time....

#Girlie post number 1

Last day of work +
                 things I want to do during Xmas break

I sometimes feel that I am more excited about Christmas than what my students are. I feel exhausted this year. I have been teaching non-stop since last January and to top that I have also been doing module 3 of the Delta so, people, I am beat.
But now, it is ME time.

Stuff I am looking forward to during the Ho Ho Holidays

  • Decluttering

Yeap, you may think this is weird, but I do draw pleasure out of... chucking stuff. Because I work, work, and some more work I have piles of papers on my bookcases, loads of stationary scattered in draws and all over my work space so I need to organise and throw out the things I do not need.
I also have to go through all my makeup, jewelry and winter clothes and see what I have, and then go shopping for whatever I am missing (yay). The best thing about decluttering is that I find everything I have lost or discover little goodies I have completely forgotten about, so it almost feels like I am looking at a whole world of 'new' exciting goodies in my messy bedroom.
The scary monster...

  • Catching up

I will catch up on my TV shows, books, magazines and spend time with my friends. I don't know about you guys, but this year for me has been work, work, work.

  • Healthying out (?!?)

Due to work and studies, the pounds have piled and it ain't pretty. I really want to get back to some sort of an exercise routine and start eating more healthy foods cause KitKats may be Delta food but me trousers don't fit me so...

  • Watching YouTubers

This is what I do to unwind during the winter. I watch YouTubers talk about makeuprecipes, travelling and books. It is actually like reading a magazine without having to read. During the holidays I just want to sit, watch and have no care in the world.

  • Pampering

Masks, baths, essential name it!

So, what about you? What does your ME time involve?? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, don't be shy. You may even give me some ideas : D

Talk soon.....


  1. Love the post - really made me smile! As a freelance writer who spends 95% of my working life at home in jeans, I get sooo excited about what I'm going to wear for conferences and events! I'm already planning my outfits for IATEFL in April - with two talks to do this year (one at the MaWSIG PCE, one at the main conference), there's even more to think about. Shoes that are comfy but with a bit of a heel (more presence!). Outfits to match the colours of the publisher? Don't want anything that creases if it's an afternoon presentation. I like a nice shift dress, but came a cropper a couple of years ago when I had to use a radio mic and had nowhere to attach it!! So much to consider ... ;)
    Julie (Moore)

  2. This year I am presenting in my tracksuit and trainers and I'll have no make up, no hair do and no nails! And I can't wait!!! :)

    1. Hey ladies,
      Love both your comments : ) Thanks for reading and commenting.
      @ Julie color coding for publishers? That's excellent :P
      @Theodora What's the conference about? : )

    2. I am referring to the TESOL Macedonia Conference in March. Our theme is "Back to the Basics" - I have not got approval yet, I am waiting. If I do, my workshop is called "Keep on moving" and it is a kinaesthetic workshop out in the park!

    3. Excellent!! Yeah, makeup would fall off in that case!! : ) Good luck with your talk (it will defo get approved).

  3. Shopping for presentation clothes is always fun. I gave my first plenary in September and used that occasion to look for a jacket to wear (with my black pants). Everything went fine clothes-wise but in the hotel I discovered that one of my earrings had broken so I would advice bringing a back-up pair if you can. (Something I assume other women understand perfectly. )

    1. Ah yes, always bring a back up... of everything if you are a travelling presenter : D!! Great point Marjorie!!

    2. I always/often by a new top for a presentation - my present to myself, because I deserve it! A conference is an excuse to treat yourself!

    3. I do that too!!! : D I always like buying a little treat before a presentations. I like buying earrings as well.